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Symphony Orchestra of the University of Leuven
The USO Rehearsal

From time to time, the USO has to practise, as seems to be the case with any orchestra. The rehearsals take place every Wednesday from 7.45 till 10.30 pm in the ‘ensemblezaal’ of the arts center ‘STUK’ (Naamsestraat 96). A short, fifteen minutes break allows us to stop at 10.30pm. This way, people who have early classes and want to go off to bed early can join us without any problems. Experience has learnt us that the time span provided to prepare for the first concert series is too short. Therefore, the USO organises supplementary rehearsals on Sundays during the period before the concert trip in November.

Past years, we saw the time of preparation for the concert tour wasn't sufficient. That's why, in the first four weeks, rehearsals are planned on Wednesday and Sunday.

How To Get There?

With GPS 
The address of “STUK” should be sufficient: Naamsestraat 96, B3000 Leuven

Coming from the train station of Leuven 
Walk down the ‘Bondgenotenlaan’, this one leads you to the centre of Leuven. At the end you will see the Grand Place with on your left the Town Hall. The Town Hall is situated on the corner of the Grand Place and the ‘Naamsestraat’. So turn left behind the Town Hall and go straight on in the Naamsestraat. STUK is situated at number 96 on the right hand side.

Via E40, coming from Brussels-Liege 
Take exit 22 (‘Leuven’). After a sharp turn you continue your way on the E314. Proceed by taking the first exit (15: ‘Leuven’) This will head you on the ‘King Boudewijnlaan’. Follow this 4-lane road straight on, passing two crossing lights. After the second one, you approach a viaduct. Turn right just before driving under the viaduct, this will lead you on the ring road around Leuven. Turn left at the first traffic lights (the Naamsepoort), onto Naamsestraat. STUK is located at number 96 on your left.

Via E314, coming from Hasselt 
Take exit 18, onto Mechelsesteenweg. Turn left into the direction of Leuven. Take the right lane. 500 meters further, you will find traffic lights. Turn right. You are now on the Ring around Leuven. At the first traffic lights (the Tervuursepoort), go straight. Take the left lane. You are now driving on a viaduct. Turn left at the first traffic lights (the Naamsepoort), onto Naamsestraat. STUK is located at number 96, on your left.

To all those who come by car: Always take the Ring around Leuven, to the Naamsepoort. There, you turn onto Naamsestraat. If you take a different road, chances are very small you make it in time for the performance. The main part of the city centre is traffic-free.

After taking the turn into Naamsestraat from the ring road, you’ll pass the ‘H. Hartparking’ before reaching STUK. You can park here from 7 pm till 7 am for a fixed amount of 3 euro.

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